Assistant Pastor

Calvin Jackson, Sr. was born in New Haven, CT to the late John L. Jackson and Lillian M. Jackson. He is the brother of six, five of which is in ministry plus other siblings totaling seventeen children.

In 1985 Calvin gave his life to the Lord at Faith Temple Revival Center under the leadership of the late Pastor Wilhelmina Redmond. There he learned a great deal of wisdom through bible study and the taking of notes from the teaching and preaching of Pastor Redmond. Also under her leadership he witnessed the power of God through prayer. He attended services faithfully and was a student of Sunday school.

In 1987 he was called into the ministry as a youth leader and a disciple for the Lord.

He always enjoyed going out into the streets of New Haven witnessing to everyone in sight sharing the good news of the Gospel. He loves preaching at local churches and platform services.

He later took on the initiative to start a males mentoring program with youth boys taking them many places and sharing insight about life and about Christ. Calvin’s motto is “Am I my Brothers Keeper, (yes I am).”

In 1996 he ran a revival service in North Carolina, where 22 souls received Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

In 2007 he was ordained as an Elder at New Life Worship Center under the leadership of Pastor David McClure, Jr.. There he taught Sunday school and was a service leader.

In 2009 Elder Calvin was ordained as an Associate Pastor, where he continued to do the work of the Lord going into prison correctional facilities. As a prison Chaplain he ministered the word of God and saw many lives, attitudes and behaviors changed right before him. Many increased with the knowledge of the Word, families were reconnected, and some inmates were even given reduced time. “To God be all the Glory.”

In June 2014 he has now joined hands with his little brother Pastor James King, III at “Healthy Vessels Ministries.” Together they are combining forces and the authority that has been given them to carry out the will of God through teaching and preaching the uncompromising Word of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Assistant Pastor Calvin Jackson, Sr.